Suitable for high-speed sealing bulk bags containing products over 44 lbs (20kg) weight
Such as detergent, chemical powder, epoxy, limestone, fertilizer, etc. Also the most suitable for hard sealing. This machine creates the most attractive and positive result.

(picture of KBV3H40. KBV3PH40/75ED has additionally
a printer, an electric height adjuster, and a dust cleaner.
Dust cleaner&control box)
- Sealing speed: max. 56ft.(17m)/min
- Sealing width: 0.4(10mm), 0.55(14mm) or 0.2(5mm)
- Heater: 6(150mm)L x 500W(6ea)
- Sealing temperature: max. 390
- Cooling system: forced air or water cooling
- Hot printer: ink ribbon type (non contact, sensor system)
- Electric height adjustment
- Power consumption: 350W
- Net weight: 683lbs (310 kg.)
- Custom design manufacture
- 400W motor or 750W motor
- Dust cleaner