continuous pouch sealing machine

continuous pouch sealing machine

Special Features
- Feed direction: right to left (left to right optional)
- Continuous heat sealing system: infinite sealing length
- Tension pulley system & Embossed drive/idler pulleys:
   no taking away and no slipping of sealing band.
- Pressure bearing & Precise bearing support:
   solid seal even dusty product bag, gusset bag, retort pouch, etc.
- Treated by heat and plated with special non-electrolysis:
   no tolerance and long durability of all shafts and fixing pins
- Major components: Al, brass & stainless steel.
- Self-adjusting pressure according to thickness of bags
- Easy to replace: sealing band & heater
- Special cartridge heater: long durability.
- Special hard anodized heater bar & Cooling bar: anti rust & anti bend by heat

sealing head KBH1PA

sealing machine head_KBH1PA

sealing head KBH2P
sealing machine head_KBH2P

sealing head KBH3P

sealing machine head_KBH3P

sealing head KBV1P

sealing machine head_KBV1P

sealing head KBV2P

sealing machine head_KBV2P

sealing head KBV3P

sealing machine head_KBV3P

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