Suitable for sealing all kinds of heat seal-able films and bags. Also more suitable for hard sealing. This machine creates more attractive and productive result. And designed for simultaneous semi-vacuuming and sealing process, ideal for keeping for a long duration; effectively fixing and displaying of the goods and getting more quantity of them into limited box space.

- Digital control system
- All ON/Off function

- Sealing speed: max. 62ft.(19m)/min
- Sealing width: 0.4(10mm), 0.55(14mm) or 0.2(5mm
- Heater: 6(150mm)L x 500W(4ea).
- Sealing temperature: max. 390
- Cooling system: forced air cooling
- Hot printer: ink ribbon type (non contact, sensor system)
- Semi air-vacuum: Ring blower & Suction mouth
- Net weight: 319lbs (145 kg.)
- Conveyor height adjustable: max. 2.4(60mm) lower
- Machine angle adjustable: max. 15

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