CE model

  1. European style for electric safety, electric durability & mechanical safety.
  2. All digital control system
  3. Emergency stop button
  4. Newest upgraded best quality PCBs : Multi/Omni function
  5. Super-precision temperature controller

Uses & Features

  • All stainless steel model : rust-resistant, no corrosion
  • V-conveyor & 45 degree sealing head : specially designed to be most suitable for
    sealing bags full of liquids or powders with a danger of being easily spilt or overflown
  • The 14mm width of sealing head : perfect sealing without bag top space, actual 10~13mm sealing width

  1. CE model : All digital control system, All On/Off function, and Emergency stop button
  2. 2 sets of heater & cooler
  3. Sealing width : 14mm
  4. Sealing speed : max.16m/min.
  5. V-conveyor
  6. 45 degree sealing head
  7. Urethane conveyor belt
  8. Forced air cooling type
  9. Sealing temperature : 0~399
  10. Adjustable sealing head height : 120~270mm from the V-bottom of V-conveyor
  11. with Counter
  12. Separate running of conveyor and sealer with each speed control separately but in the integrated type, not separate





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